Privacy Policy

In this day and age you understand how important your privacy is. We at understand this too. In fact, your privacy is very important to us here because like you we are avid gamblers. Our site is built around providing you gambling and poker information to compare online sites where you might wish to gamble. is not a gambling operator therefore we do not accept any money wagers. In this way we work differently from other sites especially regarding any privacy needs you may have.

We do not collect user data, ever. We do not collect any information about those who visit our website. As a strictly information based website we offer this information for free and without subscription, thus you never have to worry about your data being collected here.

Consent to Privacy Policy

By utilising our site,, you are consenting to the terms listed here in the privacy policy. Any changes made to the privacy policy will be in the Last Updated section of this policy document. We will notify you should any changes occur by posting these changes here and making you aware of them on the home page since we do not collect emails or other data from you.

What Personal Information is Collected and for what purpose

Unlike standard sites we will not have personal information that is collected or used for any purpose, thus you do not have to worry about any identification issues. As an affiliate operator it is important to know we do receive compensation from certain programmes in order for us to list them on our sites. This affiliate agreement does not mean we have the same privacy policy as any site you may find from our resources and information. As soon as you leave you will be under a different privacy policy. It is imperative you read any other information site, online gambling site, or other site’s privacy policy once you leave our website.

Collection of Non-Identification Information

Cookies may be used for tracking purposes only, meaning we do not record any data that personally identifies you. We may however collect information about your session such as how long a visitor was on our site, and what information was most interesting to them. When you request pages from us, our servers will record what pages you visited, and what pages you may have linked from and to. This information is only for analytical purposes in order to make our site more helpful to you and other visitors.

Information Shared

We may share our analytical data with affiliate sites. The information is not personal. It is completely unidentifiable; therefore, sharing the user data regarding any links, pages, or information that were interesting to you cannot be identified back to you. You will be completely anonymous. This information is shared to help affiliates make changes that benefit their visitors.

Last Updated

No data about you as a visitor will be recorded on our site. We only supply a gambling information site and do not have a gambling establishment.

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