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I drafted this page to help you find good resources and/or places to play online poker. If you are anything like me you will be looking for the most legitimate places to enjoy a good game of cards. The links have been handpicked after extensive research. I do not get compensation for linking to any of these sites, thus providing you with an unbiased opinion. Information links found below include online poker sites, academic poker site links, prestigious land based casinos, licensing groups, and information about gambling addiction.

In our succinct directory below, you will find all of the information you might ever want about poker and online gaming. Perhaps you can be the next Amarillo Slim or Sailor Roberts.

Academic Poker Links

  • National Center for Irresponsible Gambling ( This website is an educational link to learn about game theory for all types of games including poker. It outlines the theory of poker in an educational and informational manner much different from some of the books you may have seen or read. Poker does have a lot of books published on the subject, from world poker players as the authors to the regular person. NCIG discusses poker as it is “a game of chance.”

  • The Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic (Google Book Link).
    It is a book written by Epstein, which is available to preview online at Google Books. The first edition of this book was published in 1967, though there are other editions. It is considered one of the top academic research theories on gambling.

  • Game Theory Society ( Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley run this website. Both have received a prize in Economic Sciences. The website provides newsletters and information about game theory.

  • Thomas S. Ferguson Game Theory ( Ferguson is a UCLA professor and mathematician. He has studied game theory extensively and written several papers on the subject, all of which are available on the link provided.

  • National Casino Industry Forum ( Discusses the gambling laws of the UK. It is also about the current industry and careers, and offers reading guides to gambling.

Law Links

The National Archives. explains the legislation currently in place for legalised gambling on behalf of end users and online casinos.

Poker History Links

Poker History. ( – This is an education site to provide you with an overview about poker, poker statistics, and game variations. WSOP has a long history. If you want to know how it got started in the 70s check out this link and learn more about Benny Binion and the men that made it all possible.

Gamblers in History Links

  • Historical Gamblers. ( – Others have created a list of the top historical players. This site offers 10 of the top players throughout history with a little synopsis on each.

  • History’s Most Famous Gamblers. A few of the names on this site are repeated from the above link, but there are a couple of new additions.

  • History in the Old West ( Here is a complete history about gambling in the Old West before Vegas and some of the most famous gamblers of that time if you want to learn how gambling spread from Europe to the USA and finally created places like Las Vegas.

  • 10 Gamblers who Beat the Casino ( –For interesting reading about some of the most outrageous gamblers check out this link, as it overviews some of the players who beat the casino with various methods.

Land Based Casinos

The casinos mentioned below are some of the top land based casinos in the UK. They are places you can visit and place wagers at. Prestigious clubs like these require a membership which includes a fee. They have made it on my list because of their history. Most of these clubs have existed since the early 1900s to mid 1900s. They have earned a reputation for providing one of the best experiences including offering patronage to celebrities and political parties.

UK Casino Forums

  • Gambling Network Forums – This is a forum network for online tournaments and cash games. It is designed around general gambling with specific rooms for poker, poker staking, and poker leagues all in the UK and online UK casinos for those who enjoy playing and discussing.
  • is a gambling forum for general and specialised gaming. Any aspect of a game including poker can be discussed here. The forum also provides information on casinos available in the UK.

Gambling Addiction


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