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Hiya! I’m Gil Attwood, a poker enthusiast like you.

I’m not your traditional poker player. I didn’t start out playing in land based casinos and move into online casinos. Actually, I can be quite tight fisted when it comes to my income. My interests in the game and its many variations have come from working at home. I am a medical transcriptionist who started out loving all things biology and scuba diving.

Writing medical reports is something I do every day, and about three years ago I hit a hard time. I needed to pick up a little extra cash. I figured writing up medical reports probably meant I had enough knowledge about writing that I could branch out and pick up article writing on a variety of topics. It led me to writing about poker variations and the history of online casinos.
To be able to discuss these topics I figured I needed a little education on the entire concept. Sure, I had heard about people going online making a few million in tournaments. I was beginning to read about online poker players turning professional and going to tournaments like the European World Tour and WSOP.

I began to learn about Texas Hold’em first, given most of the stories I heard and would write about dealt with this variant. It was a bit confusing at first trying to learn about a game I’d never played. All the talk about the rivers, bets, and things like blind bets started to make sense as I delved further into playing the game. I even called up a friend who I knew played poker to see what they could teach me offline.

Turns out, my friend was into draw poker. He learned draw poker with buddies he holds regular poker games with. After spending a little time with him I realized that draw poker is definitely less difficult to learn since you just start out with a certain number of cards you can trade out to make a better hand. I found I didn’t prefer the common game of five card draw.

I actually preferred the challenge behind games with blind bets, rivers, and the flops. I decided to look into other poker variants that would offer the same challenge. Some of the variants were given to me to write about since they were online in casinos. Part of this little job was to learn about video poker options like Aces and Faces, Pai Gow, and Joker Poker. I realized the online poker world has a lot to offer. It is not just about one game or two games. There is a version of poker for every type of player whether they like the simple or complicated.

Now three years later, I no longer need to write articles as my medical transcription job has fulfilled my needs for income. I also have a new hobby to relax a little after I finish work. I may not play each week, but I feel after three years I have a lot to talk about regarding my poker exploits.

I created this blog in the hopes that I can share some of the interesting stories I have run into by playing poker online. I still like to move around playing various poker games rather than just one in order to learn new strategies.

My hobbies may have started out being singular with scuba diving, but now I have something to do when I cannot get away or just want to relax a little. One of the games I play most often is Pai Gow. The version I play is based loosely on the old Chinese dominoes. It is a card game that translates as make nine.

Like Texas Hold’em it is based on strategy and more than just getting a couple of cards. I once tried to play the domino version, which was a lot of fun given the different ways you can win. I hope my blog and writing here can be of interest to you. Please feel free to share some of your stories with me too.

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