Marco Traniello Profile

It is funny how poker players actually get their start. Some do so by playing their entire life, stopping schooling and making certain that the games are the only thing they ever do. Some of course have more success than others. Marco Traniello is not in this first type of gamblers. Rather, he is in the second where he sort of falls into it by enjoying the game but having several careers first. He was a captain of an oil ship according to some information. He also held a real estate license at one point. He is most known for his hairdressing days. He is not just a person that styled hair, but one that was put on the map for it. Traniello, like the name suggests, is Italian. Born in Gaeta in 1973 he lived a fairly content life styling hair until he started playing poker online.

He was able to make such winnings that Full Tilt Poker decided to sponsor him. Full Tilt is known for their sponsorships of great poker players including some of the more popular women. By 1999 he was solidified in the poker world online and starting to get into Las Vegas games. This is how he came across his future wife. They married not long after and have two twin boys. Certainly their interest in poker is what brought them together. Jennifer Harman is a serious professional poker player in her own right. The two often tour together when there is a chance. Traniello may not be the most famous out of the more modern players, but he is certainly making a name for himself.

Traniello did not start to make a name for himself in Vegas competitions until 2005 when he attended the WSOP. This year he was able to finish in seven events which meant he earned some money. Traniello is also something of an unlucky sort in ties. He has tied with two top players: Mizrachi and Cousineau.

This same year Traniello spent time in London at the World Speed Poker Open. Here he made some new friends and also managed to get a little money. You might say that Traniello is like early 1900s players including his group of friends who do anything to find games. It is a little different than back then but then the Circle of Outlaws as Traniello and other players are called would have fit right in with Slim’s era.
It will be interesting to see if he can make a million at these tournaments as that has not happened in total winnings yet. His record of 27 cashes in at World Series of Poker tours since he began his career is rather an astounding one.

This Italian is certainly one to follow in terms of career in the WSOP and other tournaments. He is also well known among many of the other more famous players. There is every chance that Negreanu, Traniello, and Harman will become as well known or more so than earlier professionals. That is, if they continue with their wins as they have been.

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