Joshua Malina Profile

Surprisingly there are quite a few celebrities who enjoy a good game such as poker. Joshua Malina is one film and stage actor who enjoys playing poker. Malina was born in 1966. He is best known for his time on the West Wing as Will Bailey. He is also known for his role as Jeremy Goodwin on Sports Night. Malina is a co-creator and producer for Celebrity Poker Showdown. It is a Bravo TV series.

Broadway is where Malina started his acting career. Through a friend of the family he was able to get the introduction needed to break into Broadway. This did not make him an instant success, but it certainly allowed him to get some action and eventually some great roles. If it had not been for Sorkin’s relationship with his family Malina might have had a more difficult time than he actually did. It was through Sorkin that he managed to get a chance on Broadway. It was through his penchant for fun and games that managed to get his interest piqued in poker. In fact he was known for starting games on the sets at work with the other staff. A few times Malina has admitted to holding up the real work for the poker games. If it had not been for this the Hank Azaria hosted show on Bravo would not have come to fruition.

It is also due to his luck in knowing Sorkin that he has been in all but perhaps five films Sorkin has ever made. A Few Good Men might be considered his final step into serious acting in terms of films. He may have had a small spot, but at least he started getting more parts. Sorkin certainly passed him parts. Unlike other gamblers and actors, Malina went through school to earn his degree in theatre. He was quite a good student. It is perhaps due to the elite education his family was able to give him. Whether it was his education or his desire to succeed Malina has definitely made a name for himself.

Malina supports his family with acting mostly, though he has had a bit of luck gaining some wins with gambling. He has been married since 1996 after meeting Melissa Merwin. They met four years before their marriage through a mutual friend. He tends to enjoy being on Bravo whenever he can given the concept was partially his idea. It is not really a surprise that a person with so much life would enjoy playing games, even the likes of poker. Poker is a strategy game, which Malina certainly has the mind for.
While one might see him on the celebrity show once in a while it is more likely that we will see him on the TV or big screen in acting roles. Most of the time he is behind the scenes of the celebrity poker show, but it is practically a given that he will be there when a show is going on.

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