Dominic LoRiggio Profile

Dominic LoRiggio has two nicknames: The Dominator and The Man with the Golden Arm. Dominic LoRiggio is a modern gambler with a particular specialty in Craps. He spent hours learning how to control shoot the dice on the Craps table. It is a technique to make certain you get the role you want. The concept requires you to hold the dice in a certain way. If you grip them in a precise way and toss them so they remain together in the air it is possible to get them to hit the back wall and end up with the roll you want. Dominic LoRiggio was part of a team called the Rosebud who practised their controlled shooting methods before they hit the Las Vegas strip.

They hit Vegas where LoRiggio made a name for himself. He managed to get his name in the list of those who broke the casino banks. There are many who will tell you the concept of manipulating the dice for the roll you want is impossible. Yet, LoRiggio has managed to win a good stake with his techniques. LoRiggio ultimately left behind the group in Las Vegas. At the time he felt they were too conservative and he was unable to make serious money. It is at this point he started to move around with Frank Scoblete. Scoblete was a gambler and writer. Both used controlled shooting to win thousands of dollars from several different casinos.

Technically controlled shooting is not illegal; however, casinos do frown on it. They will spot a shooter and force them to shoot in a different way. LoRiggio has also helped casinos identify controlled shooters. He has also started his own business in teaching others how to throw dice.

LoRiggio as a modern gambler has changed from breaking Vegas with craps to teach dice throwing, poker, and Pai Gow. He has been in over 200 tournaments and usually finishes in the top 20%. His is considered an advantage player when it comes to Pai Gow. He also plays Blackjack. Among his resume he is an advantage player in Blackjack too after spending 25 years learning the game including how to speed count.

It is difficult to find information on LoRiggio’s private life such as marriages, where he was born and the like. He was featured on TV’s History Channel. It was a biography piece, but most of the emphasis was on his playing and teaching methods. He still goes around playing various games with his partner Frank Scoblete. They have published numerous books on how to play and on the life gambling story of LoRiggio.

The National Geographic Channel even showed the Dominator’s controlled shooting. As a modern gambler he is well known throughout the world. He is unlike some of the 20th century players who were known for playing poker only, given that he will take on just about any game from Craps to Pai Gow Poker. He has managed to take his brilliance to create a successful career.

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