Maxims Casino Club London

London has some of the most prestigious land based casinos of any city or country, especially compared to Las Vegas or Macau which tend to cater towards large casino brands. Maxims Casino Club is one of the London land based casinos with an intimate clientele. It can be found at 1A Palace Gate. It is considered the most visited land based casino in London perhaps due to the gaming ambience and variety of games offered. It is also said to be the best with winnings at the end of the day. Maxims Casino is not open 24/7; rather, it opens each day from 2pm to 4am. The gaming area is a small intimate affair with a few tables in each room throughout the building rather than having one large gaming floor. It provides a more private feeling as well as excitement.
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Game Tables

At Maxims Casino Club there are 26 tables of roulette, craps, blackjack and a few other game tables. There are a total of 8 American roulette tables with bets between one pound and 1,500 pounds. Nine blackjack tables welcome guests with wagers of 10 to 10,000 pounds allowed. Casino stud poker accounts for nine of the other tables with a betting range of 10 to 2,500 pounds. Baccarat, Chemin de Fer, Craps, and European Roulette are also on offer at the casino club. Unlike other casino clubs, Maxims does not offer slot machines but just table games.


The ambiance at Maxims Casino Club is full of elegance and privacy. Sometimes there may be one or two people at a table and at other times all of the tables may be full with players and those watching. Drinks are handed out to players and private rooms exist for private games with members. The d├ęcor is traditional European with red walls, wood covering half the walls, and intimate lighting. Plenty of large and small windows are spread throughout the casino to allow guests to feel more relaxed at the casino rather than tense. Here it is about playing the games offered and socialising rather than making or losing money. The club atmosphere is designed to allow individuals to forget their day at work throughout the evening as they try their luck at the games. The smart or casual dress code adds to the atmosphere and feeling of sophisticated playing.


Drinks are served to the guests as waiters in formal wear walk around. At Maxims Casino Club smart or casual dress is preferred over sportswear; in fact, one cannot get in with sportswear. The dress code and ambiance create a fun and entertaining casino club. Membership fees are not stated; however, one must be at least 18 to join and have a current ID or passport. To become a member there is a need for 24 hours advanced notice before one can play. The ambiance, table games, and access to the casino is one of the reasons it tends to be one of the most visited locations in London.

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